‘Work Decisions’ Coaching

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a few months or a few years, coaching could really help you to:

– Plan your career
– Increase your confidence
– Plan your return to work
– Define your newly-acquired skills
– Focus on your new work/life blend
– Align your identities as a working woman and as a mother
– Articulate your goals


“I felt that Jane’s personal and previous / current professional experience makes her particularly well-suited to discuss my return to work as a new mother. .. Jane seemed to get the nuances of my situation straight away!”

“Jane is an excellent listener with good instincts. Her reflections and observations were ‘spot on’. She always had ‘just the right thing’ to help me to resolve issues and work things out for myself. Thank you.”

‘I feel like Jane has helped me see my work life through new eyes. I was feeling anxious but excited at the prospect of returning to work and in some way saw it as a chance to re-write my own rules around work. Jane has helped me develop some personal strategies for dealing with some bad work habits and has given me the confidence to approach my role in tandem with my new life as a mum.’

“I really benefited from attending this workshop as it gave me time to assess and cement my feelings about returning to work. It was great to be in a room of women in similar situations, realising it wasn’t just me that had concerns about returning to work.”

“Ultimately it was good just to chat through some of the ideas and challenges that had been running through my mind! Speaking aloud has made things a lot clearer and identified a few objectives.”

Training for HR Managers

Research shows that having a supportive manager improves the woman’s experience of returning to work and thus the likelihood that she will remain in post. Training for HR managers covers:
– How to create a supportive working environment
– An understanding of the new mindset of women who have had a baby
– Learning more about some of the biggest challenges women face when they return to work after maternity leave
Contact – email: jane.moffett@coaching.me.uk