Coaching in the Third Sector

From working with various Third Sector organisations (eg. NCT, Rose Road Association, Action for Children) Jane has an understanding of the strong values-based ethos that motivates their employees. She has encountered, and supported others with, the dilemmas that can be caused by trying to adhere to the organisation’s vision whilst simultaneously changing in order to keep up to date in today’s fast-moving world. The work she has done as a coach at Rose Road Association has resulted in increased effectiveness, job satisfaction and personal growth.
Jane provides one to one and team coaching sessions. She also runs workshops in coaching skills for managers to help to create a coaching culture in the workplace.

Clients from the Third Sector who Jane has coached have said:

“Apart from developing my confidence in delivering presentations, I have also developed my skills of managing difficult conversations”
“I felt the coaching sessions helped me quickly improve my current situation so that I felt more in control”
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